DBZ Episode 15 - Dueling Piccolos

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[edit] Episode 15: Dueling Piccolos

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It's raining in the wilderness and Gohan is keeping dry in his cave. Piccolo however is still working hard at his training, he splits into two and trains against himself. When morning arrives, Gohan heads out with a sand surfer he has built and heads across the desert, until he reaches a beach. Spending the next day there with the lion, playing around and catching food.

Piccolo has been training this whole time against himself.

Another morning arrives and Gohan comes across the wreck of his sand surfer, realising he has now gone around the whole beach and that he is actually stuck on an island. He sets about building himself a boat so he can leave the island and find his mother. Once it is complete he heads out into the water, promising the lion he will come back soon.

Piccolo finishes his training when he senses that Gohan is moving off the island and heads off after him. Out in the ocean it begins to rain, Gohan does his best to stay afloat in the storm, knowing that he can't swim.

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