DBZ Episode 14 - Princess Snake

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[edit] Episode 14: Princess Snake

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There are now eight months left until the arrival of the Saiyans and Goku is still running along Snake Way.

In the wilderness, Piccolo is training himself in preparation for the Saiyans, and Gohan is off running around with the lion he found. They run into Piccolo and watch his training, getting blown away in a huge tornado he causes.

High above the Earth, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chao Zu and Yajirobe have all gathered for Kami's training.

Back on the Snake Way, Goku is making good progress because of the fruit he ate in Hell, and comes across a building along the way, wondering if this is where King Kai lives. Before he can do anything he is sucked into the building and greeted by a beautiful looking woman known as the Snake Princess. Unfortunetly Goku mistakes her for King Kai and requests she teach him martial arts. However, she decides to dance with Goku instead, which Goku misinterprets as a test. After attacking her, he realises this is not King Kai and tries to leave, although he decides to stay when they offer to feed him. The girls prepare a meal for Goku, filling it with a sleeping potion so that he will have to stay. It doesn't take Goku long to finish all the food, but the potion doesn't have any effect on him. Goku then tries to leave again, but they offer him the chance to have a bath before he leaves so he agrees to stay a little longer. He takes his bath in one of the springs, and after tries to leave once again. The girls try to get him to stay again by playing Russian Roulette, although it does little to stop him, so they dance for him instead. Goku is given a drink made entirely of the sleeping potion and this time it finally puts him to sleep. The Snake Princess looks into Goku's dream with a mirror and sees ChiChi and Gohan. Realising that Goku isn't single, they decide to just eat Goku instead. Goku wakes up just before they are able to and tries to leave again. This time, the girls and the Princess reveal where Goku really is, inside the belly of the snake. Goku makes his escape from the snake, he decides not to kill the snake because of the food he was given and instead ties her into a knot and goes on his way.

High above the Earth, Kami watchs over Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Chao Zu and Yajirobe's training.

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