DBZ Episode 13 - Goz and Mez

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[edit] Episode 13: Goz and Mez

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Nine months remain before the arrival of the Saiyans on Earth. Goku rubs his head after being hit by a club for trying to eat a fruit from a tree. Two demons explain that the fruit are only meant for Yema and that this is Hell.

Back on Earth Launch is hanging around at the bottom of Korin's Tower, annoyed that she can't follow Tien to the top. Tien and Chao Zu are busy climbing the tower to reach Kami so they can train. Back on the ground, Launch is rummaging around in one of the teepees for a capsule, causing trouble for Upa and his father. But during the struggle, she sneezes and turns back into her less violent form.

Down in Hell, Goku is trying to make his escape from Hell, back up to the Snake Way. The blue demon decides to help Goku, for his own amusement, and throws Goku up towards the clouds, much to his suprise Goku survived the fall back down. The demon then says if Goku can beat him he will help him get back up to the Snake Way. The wrestle and it does take Goku more than a minute to win. Like the demon promised, he shows Goku a huge catapult that will prepel him into the sky. However, Goku hits his head on the clouds, they cannot be passed through.

Elsewhere, the red demon is working and spots that the blue demon is still playing around with Goku. He tells Goku that he knows a secret path to the Snake Way and will tell him if he can catch him in a race.

Back in the wilderness, Gohan is collecting food to eat for the day and playing with some kind of lion he seems to have befriended.

Back down in the pits of Hell, the match between the red demon and Goku begins. Like the demon boasted, his speed is incredible, but Goku is able to keep up with him. They take a break and Goku heads after the sacred fruit he was told not to eat earlier. The red demon chases Goku to stop him, so Goku turns around and catchs him easily. The red demon fufils his promise and shows Goku the secret path to Snake Way. Goku follows the path, helping himself to one of the fruit before he leaves. Once Goku reaches the top of the path he realises the exit leads to Yema's desk drawer, it seems Goku was tricked again and has to start running along the Snake Way all over again.

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