DBZ Episode 122 - Mystery Revealed

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[edit] Episode 122 - Mystery Revealed

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Japanese Name: My Father is Vegeta. The Mysterious Youth's Confession...

The youth has a private chat with Goku, introducing himself as Trunks, and that he has arrived from 20 years in the future. He has come to warn Goku of two evil Androids who in three years time will kill almost all the Z Fighters and take over the Earth. Trunks tells Goku that he is actually due to die before the Androids emerge due to a mysterious new heart virus. However, he has brought an antidote from the future that will allow Goku to be cured, and give him hope to stopping the Androids when they eventually arrive.

Trunks also reveals that his parents are in fact Bulma and Vegeta! But pleads that Goku keep this a secret so as to not jeopardise him being conceived. After a little spar to test their Super Saiyan energies against each other, Trunks bids farewell so he may leave in his time machine...

After Piccolo tells Goku that his highly sensitive ears overheard the entire conversation, Goku explains to the others about the arrival of the Androids, so that they may spend the next three years training for when they come, but makes sure not to reveal who Trunks really is.

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