DBZ Episode 119 - The Mysterious Youth

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[edit] Episode 119 - The Mysterious Youth

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Japanese Name: I'll stop Freezer,A Mysterious Boy Awaiting Son Goku...

Panic is brewing on Earth, and one by one the Z Fighters gather to the spot where they sense Frieza’s spaceship is going to land. Even Bulma tags along with Puar, as she is eager on seeing Frieza with her own eyes since she missed him on Planet Namek.

Finally the ship lands, and flashbacks reveal how King Cold discovered the badly hurt Frieza floating in space barely alive. Frieza was saved, and giving mechanical enhancements to rebuild the lost parts of his body and make him stronger than ever before.

The Z Fighters decide to mask their energy levels so they cannot be picked up on the enemy scouters, and slowly make their way across the canyon towards the landed ship. As Frieza and King Cold step out onto Earth, they order their soldiers to disperse and find the Z Fighters. But suddenly, all of them are cut down by a young stranger where a Capsule Corp jacket and holding a sword. Just who is, and where did he come from?

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