DBGT Episode 63 - Universal Allies

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[edit] Episode 63 - Universal Allies

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Japanese Name: A Miraculous Come-From-Behind Victory!! Goku Saves The Universe

Vegeta suggests they fuse, but because of Goku's height they are unable too. The dragon heads straight for them, and as both Goku and Vegeta are no longer SSJ4, and exhausted, he hits and injures them both with ease. The dragon powers up a power ball strong enough to destroy the Earth. As he throws it down, Vegeta attempts to counter it but Goku knocks him out of the way of the blast. Goku meets the blast and tries to force it back, the dragon puts more force into the ball and it engulfs Goku and the land. The dust clears, revealing a huge hole in the ground and the dragon spreading his negative energy, causing mass destruction on the Earth. Vegeta is angry at the prospect of losing a second home planet and tells everyone to leave Earth so that they can get revenge for Goku later, and heads off after the dragon. He powers up to Super Saiyan as everyone leaves, but Trunks turns back to go after Vegeta, Gohan and Goten doing the same. The four of them team up on the dragon but it does virtually nothing against him, all of them are knocked down and Vegeta takes a bad hit to his shoulder. He fights on, calling out to Goku to lend him his strength. He's knocked down again near the hole Goku fell into and sees him down there, passing out with a grin. Moments later, Goku emerges with a giant Spirit Bomb, pushing back the negative energy clouding the Earth. Goku calls to King Kai and asks him for help to collect energy from across the Universe. King Kai calls upon the North, South and East Kai's to help him in this task to broadcast Goku's voice across all the Planet's of the Universe. They all answer Goku's call and the energy streams towards Earth and into Goku's Spirit Bomb. Everything the dragon throws at Goku has no effect and the Spirit Bomb grows to an enormous size. Finally it is ready and he throws down the Spirit Bomb to the dragon. It hits and completely destroys the dragon, after it disappears they all run over to Goku, the Dragon Balls begin to glow and Shenlong appears without being summoned.

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