DBGT Episode 62 - Rescue Goku

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[edit] Episode 62 - Rescue Goku

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Japanese Name: Rescue Goku!! The Last Ally Appears

Everyone is staring at Goku, and the Dragon Ball that has appeared on his forehead. Goku wonders why everyone is staring at him, even asking Vegeta if he is staring at him because he finds him attractive, but obviously he gets a earful from Vegeta for that. Goku then realises the Dragon Ball he swallowed has appeared on his forehead. Moments later the Dragon Ball leaves his forehead and transforms back into the 4-star dragon, who has returned back to evil. Vegeta fights with the 4-star dragon but because of its speed he has difficulty landing any hits. The 4-star dragon launches a huge attack at Vegeta, destroying most of the city and knocking Vegeta unconscious. The one-star dragon tells four-star dragon to kill Goku, and as Goku is in his weaker form it doesn't take four-star dragon long to knock Goku down. Trunks has reached Vegeta who has gotten up, and he can't understand why the four-star dragon isn't using all his strength. Just then, the four-star dragon turns on the one-star dragon and grabs hold of him. The dragon had been restored to good from being inside Goku's body and forms a fireball around him self and the one-star dragon. He knows that if either attack, the fire ball will engulf them both, but only the one-star dragon should die. Four-star dragon attacks and the fireball explodes. As the explosion dies down they see the Four-star dragon is still standing, but not for long, his body cracks and explodes, changing into the one-star dragon. He explains that he stole the four-star dragon's body by sending all the Dragon Balls into him. Goku fights back against the dragon but his attacks are no good and he becomes overwhelmed, but in the nick of time Vegeta is able to save him. Vegeta's energy is up, and he changes out of SSJ4, and because Bulma's beam got destroyed he can't change back into a SSJ4.

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