DBGT Episode 59 - Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

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[edit] Episode 59 - Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

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Japanese Name: Friend Or Foe?... Oozaru Vegeta on the Rampage

The dragon starts his attack, knocking everyone away except for Goku. With everyone out of the way, Goku begins his attack, but the dragon heats his body using the ability of 4-star dragon, then freezes his lower body with the ability of 3-star dragon. He constantly attacks Goku using the powers of all the dragons, until Goku is knocked down, but Goku has realised he can now see again. Goku uses this to his advantage and pretends to be still blind and attacks quickly with Dragon Fist, bursting a huge hole in his gut. However, using the powers of the 5-star dragon, he is able to regenerate himself. The dragon attacks again, but Goku grabs a hold of him, remembering what Vegeta did against Majin Buu, he powers up and attempts to power up, but just as he does he hears Vegeta's voice. Vegeta tells him to stop and that he can turn into SSJ4 too now. Bulma arrives and fires the beam ray at Vegeta, transforming him into a giant ape. Vegeta begins trashing the place, and grabs a hold of Goku, but he was just pretending to lose his mind. He gets serious and transforms properly into a SSJ4. Goku and Vegeta power-up, ready to fight the dragon together, but before they fight, Vegeta says to Goku that they don't have much of a chance and suggests the fusion.

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