DBGT Episode 57 - The One-Star Dragon

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[edit] Episode 57 - The One-Star Dragon

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Japanese Name: The Overwhelmingly Strong Enemy!! The Ruling Evil Dragon

The entire city has now been coated in ice from 3-Star dragon's ice ability. Goku launches into his attack and just as he is about to kill him, the dragon reveals he has the unconscious Pan captive. He throws her aside and uses that moment to catch Goku unguarded. Goku becomes enraged that the dragon would use such dirty tactics to win and tries to kill him again with Kamehameha, but this time the dragon uses his brother as a shield. Goku stops his attack in time and catchs up to him, having the dragon at his mercy. The dragon begs for his life, as does his brother beg to spare his brother. The 3-star dragon pretends to hand over the Dragon Ball in exchange for his life, but as he is about to give it to him, he attacks Goku at his eyes, blinding him temporarily. Even so, Goku is able to kill the dragon just by sensing his ki. 4-star dragon, picks up the 3 star ball as Goku washs his eyes, but he is still unable to see. 4-Star Dragon hands Goku an antidote for his eyes, saying they can fight once he can see again. But before Goku can use it, another dragon appears, attacking 4-star dragon and destroying the antidote. This dragon is the 1-star dragon, he attacks again and 4-star dragon knocks Goku out of the way, bearing the force of the attack, and killing him. Goku can't believe the 1-star dragon would just kill his brother, but before he can do anything about it the dragon attacks him and the city, destroying most of the area in one blast. He attacks Goku again, who can bearly defend himself in his blinded state. Although, after some time, Goku is able to land one punch to him, by catching him off guard, but even with a 10 times Kamehameha it doesn't even scratch him. The dragon attacks fiercely and leaves Goku looking unconscious.

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