DBGT Episode 56 - The Three-Star Dragon

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[edit] Episode 56 - The Three-Star Dragon

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Japanese Name: After the Sun Comes the Freeze! The Fire and Ice Dragon Brothers

Goku and the Dragon's battle is still raging on with things seeming to be going slightly more in the dragon's favour. Goku deducts that while the dragon's speed is greater, his strength is greater. Despite this, because of the dragon's speed he is unable to land as many hits, especially with the Kamehameha. Eventually, Goku is able to outsmart the dragon and he gives up, but Goku doesn't kill him, saying that he owes him a favour for not killing Pan earlier. The two of them square off again but are interupted by another dragon. This dragon is blue and a brother of the red dragon, holding the 3 star ball. He boasts how he has all the Dragon Ball's they have collected so far from Pan. Goku goes down to check on Pan who has passed out from her fight with the 3-star dragon. The 4-star dragon tells his brother to get lost, that the fight with Goku is his, but he doesn't listen. 3-Star dragon freezes both Goku's arms into blocks of ice and moments later both his feet until he can't move. With him imbolised he freezes Goku completely. He tells the 4-star dragon to kill Goku now that he is frozen in his ice but he refuses, wanting to use his own strength and powers to beat Goku. This angers the 3-star dragon and takes out his agression on his brother.

Instead of killing him, the 4-star dragon uses his flame powers to thaw Goku out of the ice. Goku then challenges the 3-star dragon who powers up his ice power.

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