DBGT Episode 48 - The Shadow Dragons

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[edit] Episode 48 - The Shadow Dragons

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Japanese Name: A Shocking Surprise! Shenron Is Our Enemy?!

King Kai contacts Goku and warns him that the dragon that came out fo the Dragon Balls is not Shenlong. The dragon swallows the Dragon Balls and then turns back into mist, splitting off into seven different dragons and disappearing. King Kai and the Elder Kaio Shin contact Goku again and tell Goku that his meddleing with the Dragon Balls has thrown everything out of balance, and they must stop the dragons to protect the earth and universe. Kaibito Shin explains that everything the Dragon Balls were used their positive energy decreased and the negative energy increases. Usually it wouldn't be a problem but because they have used the Dragon Balls so much in the past 20 - 30 years an evil dragon has appeared. They pass the blame around and eventually Goku says he'll go defeat the dragons himself.

Goku heads off and follows the path of destruction the shadow dragons have made. Pan and Giru have followed Goku, saying Goku can only have Giru, who has the Dragon Radar, if Pan can go too. Goku has no choice but to agree and they soon pick up a signal for a Dragon Ball. The area itself is rotting away and they run into some survivors who say a monster is up by the lake, Goku thinks this must be one of the dragon. They arrive at the lake and find the dragon, who has the 2 star ball. His appearance is sloppy and he doesn't appear strong at all.

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