DBGT Episode 46 - Raising the Stakes

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[edit] Episode 46 - Raising the Stakes

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Japanese Name: They Clash!! Super Saiyan Goku 4 VS Super #17

While Mr Satan is saddened by what Pan has been through because they taught her martial arts, Goku, powered up to Super Saiyan, takes on Super 17. Before long, Goku is knocked to the ground, in retaliation Goku fires a serious of energy attacks, totally forgetting that all he is doing is providing Super 17 with energy, as androids absorb ki. With Super 17 powered up from all of the ki Goku has thrown at him, he goes on the offensive. Realising there is little alternative, Goku powers up to SSJ4 as Super 17 and Dr Myu didn't know the form existed.

Elsewhere, Bulma, Bura and the others are deciding what to do about Goku. With ChiChi fired up and Videl in her Saiyaman costume they head out to see what is going on, with Bura convincing Bulma to tag along.

Despite Goku being in SSJ4 form, he is still using ki based attacks, and as a result is powering up Super 17's power. Goku finally realises his mistake, although Dr Myuu boasts that Super 17 will win regardless. Goku uses his 10 times Kamehameha on Super 17, this doesn't stop Super 17 either. It's Super 17's turn to take the offensive again, leaving Goku without many options as he can't use Kamehameha, Super 17 is about to deliever the death blow...

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