DBGT Episode 43 - The Ressurection of Cell and Frieza

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[edit] Episode 43 - The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza

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Japanese Name: The Evil Fighters Of Hell!! The Revival of Cell and Freeza

Goku faces off against Cell and Frieza who are quite suprised by his gain in strength over the years, but fight him nontheless.

Meanwhile back on Earth hoards of Saibaman are running riot through the city which Ubuu, Goten and Trunks deal with. Elsewhere Rilldo is chasing after Pan and Mr Satan. Gohan intervenes and takes him on himself.

Goku's fight rages on but he soon comes to realise, they can't be killed as they are already dead. Goku must find another way to deal with them in order to get past them.

Back to Earth and it's Nappa this time who is rampaging through the city, Vegeta is close by and kills him just as effortlessly as he killed him so many years ago. Dr Gero, Dr Myu and their Android 17 are not far away, Vegeta seems interested in a more interesting fight and challenges him, whilst Ubuu, Trunks, Goten and Gohan are still dealing with their own battles elsewhere. Rilldo even manages to catch Gohan's arm with his metal beam and transform it to Metal.

In Hell, Frieza and Cell manage to send Goku even deeper into Hell where an old woman decides to play with Goku for a while, giving him all sorts of trials, one of which is an ice machine which freezes Goku into a block of ice.

Elsewhere, Krillin, 18 and Maron are stuck in a road block when Android 17, the one that Vegeta is not fighting, arrives, destroying everything around him and asking 18 to rejoin him as his partner.

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