DBGT Episode 40 - Piccolo's Decision

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[edit] Episode 40 - Piccolo's Decision

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Japanese Name: Earth Explodes!! Piccolo's Grave Decision

Goku and the others debate over what to do, realising the Earth doesn't have long left to go and it is already feeling the effects with earthquakes. Vegeta is angry over what has happened, that Baby overtook his body and has made a mess of the planet. Bulma and Gohan and the others are left on Planet Plant for the time being, much to their annoyance. Vegeta suggests they should all move to the Planet Plant if the Earth is going to explode and nominate Mr Satan as the one to convince everyone to move, knowing they won't listen to them. Naturally, they all believe everything Mr Satan has to say.

As the time goes on, Goku and the others gather everyone on Earth to the new planet Plant. There is just one boy left who got seperated, Goku goes back to rescue him and runs into Piccolo who is still on the planet Earth. Just as Goku is about to teleport again he loses his SSJ4 state and returns to a child. Just as Goku is wondering what to do, Piccolo grabs a hold of his hand and gives him the strength to teleport - but Piccolo remains behind of Earth. Piccolo talks to Gohan and tells him he will be staying behind on Earth. He says because the Dragon Balls were made by the original Piccolo, if he dies, the Dragon Balls will be gone too, and out of anyones hands. It's then that the Earth explodes, taking Piccolo with it.

Some time later, the Namek Dragon is called to restore Earth to how it was, finally the Earth can return to peace.

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