DBGT Episode 37 - Old Kai's Last Stand

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[edit] Episode 37 - Old Kai's Last Stand

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Japanese Name: A Grand Result!! Bebi and Son Goku -- Double KO!!

Goku lies unable to move after Baby's attack as Baby charges up again, this time with the intention of killing him. But just as he is about to, something explodes and knocks him aside, the results of being hit by Goku's 10 times Kamehameha earlier. Goku gets up and boasts to Baby he can't possibly beat him with his remaining power. They fight again but it seems like it's a double KO as they are both badly weakened.

Back on the Kai Planet, the Old Kai reminds Kaibito about the Holy Water which can exercise demons, and suggests Kaibito uses it on Trunks and the others. Kaibito arrives on Earth at the Lookout where the Sacred Water is kept and attempts to get it withour being noticed by either Dende or Popo. He finds the right room but there are alot of pots in there, and during his searching, Dende and Popo find him and attack. As Kaibito runs, he throws the pots of water at the two of them in hope that he will find which one is the Sacred Water. Eventually he manages to find the right bottle. After restoring Dende and Popo, Kai leaves to find Trunks and the others. Using his teleport, he comes across Trunks first and restores him. Once Trunks is back to normal, Kai asks Trunks to fight Baby whilst he restores Gohan and Goten.

It begins to the rain in the city and Baby and Goku are still unconscious. Bulma looks up at her screens to see what has happened. Distraught at seeing what has happened to Baby, she fires up the beam again and fires it straight at Baby. It begins to heal him, and also revives Goku a little, unintentionally. Goku claims that he is ready to fight again, but Old Kai reasons that Goku is just bluffing. Baby attacks again and advances towards Goku.

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