DBGT Episode 36 - The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks!

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[edit] Episode 36 - The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks!

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Japanese Name: An Immortal Beast!? The Atrocious Giant Ape Baby

With Baby now in the Oozaru form, he is out of control and rampaging through his city. Goku steps in to fend off Baby again, in order to prevent Baby from harming Pan and Mr Satan. Goku decides to teleport himself and Baby to another planet with no people, but quickly remembers he needs to sense ki to teleport. Just as Goku is then about to teleport Baby to the Kai planet, Baby attacks Goku, revealing he was in control of his mind the whole time - the ray only effected Vegeta, not him. Now that Baby os being serious, Goku has a much harder time landing any hits at all on Baby, however despite Baby's greater power, Goku's speed is still greater. Realising this, Goku uses this to his advantage and even manages to knock Baby down causing him to go into a rage. Goku then tries to anger Baby more so that he won't have as much control but insulting him which indeed works. However, as Baby is attacking Goku he sees ChiChi and Videl on the ground, and attacks them, remembering they are Goku's family. Goku uses his speed to save them in time, then runs off to face Baby again, feeling angered by what Baby did. But before Baby fights Goku, he aims a Galic-ho straight at Earth.

Back on Earth, Krillin is out shopping with #18 and Maron just as the attack hits the planet. Although the attack doesn't destroy the planet, it still angers Goku further for risking other people's lives. He retaliates by firing a 10 times strength Kamehameha, sorry that he had to use it on Vegeta. But Baby survives unharmed and attacks again with his Galic-ho, this time on Goku, who takes it full force to protect the Earth.

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