DBGT Episode 35 - Goku's Ascension

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[edit] Episode 35 - Goku's Ascension

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Japanese Name: The Strongest! Son Goku Becomes A Super Saiyan 4!!

Goku's transformation is complete, he has finally transformed into a Super Saiyan 4! Goku tells Mr Satan to look after Pan and heads off in search of Baby who is in the tower trying to figure out how to transform into a giant ape. Bulma figures out that the Earth reflected the correct amount of light as the full moon to transform and the reason Baby can't is because Vegeta doesn't have his tail. Just then, Goku bursts in and challenges Baby outside. The two of them fight and for the most part seem evenly matched. Despite this, Old Kai is convinced Goku isn't using his full power still.

Goku and Baby's fight rages on, but Goku seems to be incredibly confident despite how many times Baby hits him. Enraged by this, Baby throws another Revenge Death Ball straight down to Goku which Goku faces head on, not even bringing up his arms to defend. The dust clears and Goku is still standing unharmed, and tells Baby to give up as he has no chance of winning. As Baby refuses, Goku continues his attack this time, having the obvious upper-hand. In an attempt to get Goku to stop Baby tells Goku that he's only hurting Vegeta, not him, but Goku carries on anyway, knowing Vegeta won't die so easily. During their fight, Bulma communicates with Baby telling him to look at the tower, she has developed a device that will enhance the Earth's reflection rays enough so that he can transform into a giant ape, even without a tail. Bulma puts her plan into action despite Baby's worries about not being able to control himself, and Baby is indeed transformed into a giant ape, much like Goku was.

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