DBGT Episode 29 - The Fall of the Saiyans

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[edit] Episode 29 - The Fall of the Saiyans

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Japanese Name: Super Dangerous!? Super Saiya-jin 3 Fails!!

Mr Satan explains to Goku what Baby has been doing and how he escaped being infected by Baby. After learning this, Baby attempts to kill Mr Satan, but he saved by Majin Buu, who escapes with Pan and Mr Satan, leaving Goku behind. Baby tells Gohan and Goten to leave them, and concentrate on dealing with Goku. Goku faces Baby head on, but their fight is interupted by the arrival of Trunks and Bura. But they haven't come to help Goku, they are possessed by Baby too like Gohan and Goten. However, Baby insists none of them interfer with his fight with Goku, saying he must be killed by his hands. Knowing how much more powerful Baby is in Vegeta's body, Goku powers up to SSJ3 and takes on Baby again. Goku fights but can't sustain SSJ3 for very long at all in his smaller body and is forced to change back. In his weaker form, Baby strengthens his attack on Goku. Just as Baby is about to finish off Goku, Baby asks for the power of Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Bura to strengthen him, causing his form to change slightly. In this new form, Baby attacks Goku again who at this stage can barely move from his injuries. Baby asks for all the 'anger' of everyone who he has infected with his eggs, collecting it together into a huge ball of energy the Revenge Death Ball and hurls it straight at Goku. The ball hits it's target, and as the dust clears it seems like nothing is left.

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