DBGT Episode 26 - Saiyan Hunting

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[edit] Episode 26 - Saiyan Hunting

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Japanese Name: Gohan and Goten... The Worst of Fights between Brothers!?

Baby launches his attack against Goten and the two square off. Initially it seems like Goten has the upperhand, even with Paris bothering him on his phone whilst he is fighting. Baby manages to scratch Goten's arm, opening up a wound, as Goten transforms into Super Saiyan and launches another attack Baby uses this as the chance to overtake Goten's body. With Goten's body now under his control, he leaves Paris and Mr Satan, realising from Goten's memories that the strongest Saiyan living on Earth is Vegeta.

Meanwhile in space, Trunks, Goku and Pan are still searching for Dragon Balls, Giru picks up the signal for one coming from a lake. It turns out that a giant dinosaur has eaten one, so Goku takes it upon himself to go inside the dinosaur's stomach to look. He is quickly successful and finds their 6th Dragon Ball, although the dinosaur shrinks to a tiny size from being popped. The group celebrate only having one Dragon Ball left to go and head off once again, although Goku worries about the fact that Baby hasn't bothered them for a while.

Back on Earth Piccolo senses the strannge Ki, wondering what it is. Elsewhere ChiChi is stressing that Goten is late coming home from his date, just as they are talking, Gohan and Videl arrive at the Capsule Corp, much to ChiChi's suprise as she expected it to be Goten. Gohan explains to them that Mr Satan called them telling that Goten got caught up with some trouble in the city. Just the, Goten, under the control of Baby, arrives, asking where Vegeta is. ChiChi slaps him for not refering to Vegeta as "Vegeta-san" and for being rude. Finally, Bulma explains that Vegeta isn't here. Just then, Baby realises that Gohan has a stronger power than Goten and attacks him, forcing the two of them outside to fight.

They fly off and find a spot to fight, Gohan confronts Goten, sayig he doesn't believe that it is really Goten, demanding to know who he is. The fight between the two rages on, but Gohan isn't using his full strength as he is worried about injuring Goten. Baby is intrigued by this, wondering exactly why Gohan is using his full Saiyan power, he powers up even higher to force Gohan to do the same, at that moment, Baby overtakes his body just like he did with Goten's. It's then that Piccolo arrives, demanding to know who has overtaken Gohan's body. Baby uses this oppurtunity to test out Gohan's power by killing Piccolo. Then, Baby heads off after his real target - Vegeta.

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