DBGT Episode 22 - The Baby Secret

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[edit] Episode 22 - The Baby Secret

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Japanese Name: Violent Ambition!! Birth of the Evil Baby

Goku, Trunks, Pan and Giru uncover what Dr Myuu has been hiding from them - a strange half formed creature growing in a tank named Baby. Trunks explains that Giru told him of the rumour tha Dr Myuu was developing some kind of special robot and then they altered the machine powering the pod so that the life support is sent to the plumbing instead. Dr Myuu tries desperately to save Baby from dieing, but despite his efforts he is unsuccessful. Moments later, on hearing the word "Saiyan" Baby activates itself, much to everyones suprise. As it escapes the pod it sends a shockwave, hurling Goku, Trunks and Pan into the ceiling and partly destroying Dr Myuu. Despite his injuries, Dr Myuu instructs Baby to kill the Saiyans, but before Baby can attack them again the three of them all attack at once, destroying Baby. Devastated by this, Dr Myuu attempts to make his escape in a spaceship, as he walks to it, unknown to him, part of Baby's flesh fuses with his leg. With Dr Myuu gone and Baby dead, Trunks suggests they continue on their journey to get the Dragon Balls.

As Dr Myuu escapes into space, Baby bursts from his body, killing him. Baby claims that he was manipulating Dr Myuu to ressurect him and it also appears Dr Myuu was hiding a Dragon Ball in his head.

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