DBGT Episode 21 - A Secret Revealed

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[edit] Episode 21 - A Secret Revealed

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Japanese Name: What is this!! Son Goku is Turned to Metal

Realising that Rilldo has the advantage in their fight, Goku continues to battle on in the hope he will uncover some kind of weakness. During the battle, Pan finds Goku and tells Goku about Trunks and the Dragon Balls. Rilldo uses the arrival of Pan to his advantage and manages to trap them both in metal, like he did Trunks earlier and has them transported over to Dr Myuu.

Dr Myuu is delighted by this and wastes no time at all to start experimentation. Giru also arrives and starts to feel guilt over what he has done, launching an attack to save Goku and Pan from dissection and freeing them from the metal. Before Giru is able to free Trunks, Dr Myuu takes him back, and threatens to break him if they persist. The group of them make attempts to take back Trunks, during the struggle Trunks' tablet is broken. While Goku and Pan mourn the loss of Trunks, he appears from upstairs! Trunks explains that Giru and he had planned this, and made a fake tablet of Trunks, as well as keeping the Dragon Balls safe. Dr Myuu is enraged by this and sends his robots after them, who are obviously no match for the Saiyans. Trunks corners him and demands he shows what he has been hiding upstairs.

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