DBGT Episode 20 - The Source of Rilldo's Power

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[edit] Episode 20 - The Source of Rilldo's Power

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Japanese Name: Surprise!! Son Goku's Attacked By a Metal Storm

Goku's fight with General Rilldo rages one, at the expense of most of the landscape being turned into metal by Rilldo's attack. Meanwhile, Pan has broken back into Dr Myuu's building and has tracked down Giru. However the room shifts again like last time, sending her back outside.

Rilldo, using the metal of the planet to his advantage, fuses with it and takes control of the surrounding environment. Elsewhere Pan has made it back inside the building and runs into a reject robot she met earlier who tells her where she should head in order to deactivate the machine that changes the rooms. As they head up the building, Pan runs into Giru again, the room begins to shift but the robot Pan found deactivates it before she is thrown out of the building. But Giru gathers together a group of robots to help him deal with Pan, who demands the Dragon Balls back. Just as Pan is about to blast them with a Kamehameha Giru reactivates the machine and warps Pan once again outside, strangely, outside Pan finds the Dragon Balls, and further away Goku is still dealing with Rilldo.

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