[edit] Character Description

Chiaotzu is a fictional character from Dragonball and Dragonball Z. He is Tien's best friend and they always train together.

[edit] Plot involvement

Chiaotzu is first introduced at the 22nd Tekaichi Budokai as a student of the Crane Hermit, being trained in the lethal crane style of martial arts. Though not physically very imposing, Chiaotzu can use his psychic powers to his advantage in battle, or to aid his friend Tien, which he is seen doing during the finals of the 22nd Budokai, between Goku and Tien. His psychic powers only work to a certain degree, as proven in the battle with the Saiyan brute Nappa, whose power was high enough to render Chiaotzu's powers useless. During this battle, Chiaotzu perishes when he sacrifices himself against Nappa. After the fight with the Saiyans, Chiaotzu is never again seen fighting, barring a brief Anime Filler battle with Ginyu Force member Guldo, a being that possesses powers similar to Chiaotzu's.

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