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[edit] The 7 Budokai Modes

[edit] Duel Mode

In Duel Mode you may battle with or against any of the 23 available characters. Not only can you defeat computer-controlled characters, you may go up against a friend as well. Each character comes with an alternate outfit to prevent confusion if you decide to up against the very character you've chosen to use yourself. The vast combinations of match-ups ensure that Duel Mode will frequently be used. After selecting a character you will be given an option to choose between "Normal" and "Custom". Normal lets you use the characters pre-set skills whereas Custom lets you use the skills you've set in Edit Skills.

[edit] Edit Skills

Skills refer to the special abilities that each character possesses, these are obtained as you progress through Story mode, or you may buy them at the Skill Shop. You can earn Zenie through World Match and Story mode, which you then use in this mode to buy various skills to customize any character of your choice! There are three types of skills:

Special Skills - These are found in red capsules and include death moves
Physical Skills - These are found in blue capsules and include successive attacks.
Support Skills - These are found in green capsules and include items very familiar to the Dragon Ball universe.

In this mode you can view a list of acquired skills, set your characters' skills and buy skills at the skill shop, you can even trade skills with your friends between memory cards, a great way to promote the community of DBZ players!

[edit] Options

This mode isn't really amazing and is usually featured within every game, as you can see Budokai is no exception. You can change various game settings to make the experience for enjoyable. Game Options for changing the strength of your opponent in Story, World Match and Duels Modes, Save / Load for saving or loading data on to or from your memory card, you may configure the buttons to suit the way you would like to fight in the Controller option, in Screen you can adjust the monitor brightness, select between mono or stereo and adjust the volume of the sound effects and background music in the Sound option, and finally you can change the game language through the Language option.

[edit] Practice

Dragon Ball Z Budokai's Practice is about as good as they come, you can perform adjustments from the menu to make training mode suit your needs, for example, you can choose to display commands and battle stats. You may choose any character available, do battle with either pre-set or your customized skills. Furthermore, you can also alter the opponent's AI so that he fights how you want him to, this proves to be effective when training your weak points. You will see these statistics on screen:

Max Hits - Displays the maximum number of successive hits.
Damage - Displays the damage of attacks.
Total Damage - Displays the damage of combo and other abilites.
Max Damage - Displays the highest amount of damage given so far.
Attack - Displays the current Attack rate.
Guard - Displays the current Guard rate.

[edit] Story

Story Mode is definitely the most important feature in Budokai, this was the first time European and American fans were able to play a Dragon Ball Z game complete with a story mode on a PlayStation console, well, atleast in English anyway. It's split up in to many chapters, spanning from the Saiyan Saga all the way up until the Androids Saga. Story Mode allows you to take on the roles of both Goku and Vegeta, the objective is simple, beat up all the bad guys that get in your way. As you progress through each chapter you may unlock additional characters for other modes and capsules to enhance skills! Thats not all that there is to Story Mode, once you complete it, come back again to discover secret chapters!

[edit] The Legend of Hercule

This is considered the final mode, The Legend of Hercule. Its not available right away though, you need to unlock it by completely all three difficulty stages in the World Match mode, Novice, Adept and Advanced. This mode will put you in to the role of Hercule himself, its an interesting and humorous change, you play against Cell and other opponents to earn points, there are 10 challanges for you to overcome, good luck!

[edit] World Match

Better known as World Tournament Mode. In this mode you can see how well you compare up against the supreme fighters of World Match. Battles are split up in to a simple tournament, fight your way to the top to win prize money (Zenie) and unlock secret characters. But thats not all, you may fight across three difficulty settings - Novice, Adept and Advanced. Novice being the only one available at first. The battls in World Match mode end when either a player has no health left or they are knocked out of the ring. This mode is often used to save up enough Zenie for capsules/skills.

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