Budokai (Console)

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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai
Dragon Ball Z Budokai 01.jpg

North American Box Art

Developer Dimps Corporation
Publisher Atari
Platform PS2, GC
Release Date(s) North America -– December 3, 2002

Europe -– November 29, 2002

Genre Action/Fighting (3D)
Rating (T) Teen - Violence
Back Box Cover Art Dragon Ball Z Budokai 02.jpg


[edit] Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (Console) Game Summary

A showdown of legendary proportions!

Enter the Dragon Ball Z Budokai. Test your skills against the most powerful Dragon Ball Z heroes and the most sinister villains. Will you be the last warrior standing?

-Budokai (PS2) Box Description

[edit] Game Features

  • Battle for supremacy in 5 fierce fighting modes.
  • Relive DBZ's most intense rivalries!
  • Thrash your way to the Cell Games!
  • Unleash up to 60 combo moves per character including "Special Beam Cannon" and and "Kamehameha."
  • Follow the Dragon Ball Z animated series from Saiyan Saga to Cell Games!
  • Face off with up to 23 mighty Dragon Ball Z warriors!
  • Unlock, collect, and trade devastating skills with friends to create the most powerful fighters in the universe!
  • Battle at blazing speeds in the Burst Zone!

-Budokai (PS2) Box Description

[edit] List of playable characters:

  1. Goku (Base, SSJ)
  2. Kid Gohan (Base, Unlock potential)
  3. Teen Gohan (Base, SSJ, SSJ2)
  4. Vegeta (Base, SSJ, USSJ)
  5. Trunks (Base, SSJ)
  6. Krillen (Base, Unlock potential)
  7. Tien
  8. Yamcha
  9. Hercule
  10. Great Saiyaman
  11. Raditz
  12. Nappa
  13. Captain Ginyu
  14. Recoome
  15. Frieza (1st form, 2nd form, 3rd form, final form, 100% final form)
  16. Cell (Imperfect, Semi-perfect, Perfect, Super Perfect)

[edit] Controls

Each character in Budokai comes with a vast variety of special skills, although these may look cool, they're not really needed seeing as mere punches and kicks will work just as well. The combat system isn't that great either, its a little slow and sluggish. Anyway, there are few things you should know before stepping in to battle, the controls being one of them.

X: Guard (G)

Triangle: Kick (K)

Circle: Ki Blast Wave (E)

Square: Punch (P)

R1: Punch+Kick

R2: Punch+Guard

Advanced Punch/Kick

You can perform slightly more powerful variations of punches and kicks for each character, tap right or left on the directional pad while simultaneously pressing the desired attack button, either P or K. Press P and G when near your opponent to perform a grapple/throw maneuver, K and G for a power kick.


To block a Ki blast fired from the opponent press G, you will receive minimal damage from the blast. However, if you time it right you can deflect the Ki blast right back at him!


If your and the opposing character connect fists with an energy Punch, you will find yourself in a Burst zone, whoever spins the left analog stick quickest will be victorious in this temporary state and deliver a powerful blow to the opponent.


There is way to counter-attack, simply double tap left or right on the directional pad, whichever way your opponent is facing. You will then dash towards them, and you may send them flying backwards if you press P at the right time.


Press G while simultaneously pressing either up or down on the directional pad to circle around your opponent, this can be useful for getting around Ki blasts or waves.

Energy Punch

This is an unblockable attack, simply press P and K simultaneously, the longer you hold these buttons the more powerful the punch will be. You may regularly use this to enter burst zone.

Gather Ki

As you battle your Ki will eventually lower, to restore Ki press and hold G, then double tap and hold the directional button facing away from your opponent, either left or right. Ki may also be generated by landing successive hits upon your opponent.


Sadly, there is no free flight within battle in Budokai. However, when you knock your opponent up in to the air you can hover up towards him/her by pressing up on the directional pad.


Press K, P, G and E to taunt your opponent.


You can vastly increase your character's strength by transforming, for example, turning Vegeta in to a Super Saiyan. To do this, simply press P, K and G once all the transformation skill conditions have been met.

[edit] Skills

Budokai Skills 00.png

Although Budokai may not be the best Dragon Ball game when rated by todays standards, it actually was a huge success when it originally was released. This was because it was the first game of the series to be released on the PS2 games console. The popularity of this game led gamers to Neoseeker, where they could discuss the game in the forum, this contributed to the very existence of this portal. Now, one of the reasons this game was so popular is due to vast amount of skills! This section will look in to the skills available for characters.

A page for details on each character and their specific skills in the game can be found here.

[edit] Modes

Budokai Modes 00.jpg

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai features 7 modes! This was a huge improvement since the last PlayStation game, Final Bout - released in 1998 on the PSX, which only included a Duel mode along with a Character Build-up mode. This increase shouldn't be surprising though, since PS2 is far more superior games console when compared to the PSX. These 7 modes apparently represent the 7 Dragonballs, but that doesn't matter, what matters is what these modes are.

This portion of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (Console) goes into in-depth information on the 7 modes found here.

[edit] Unlockables

Budokai Unlockables 00.jpg

In addition to the action packed battles of Budokai, the game also features many unlockables, these are a nice touch to the game as it adds that little extra feeling when you know that you are fighting for something, meaning you won't stop playing Budokai until you're satisfied that you have unlocked and completed it all! The aim of this section is to highlight all key unlockables to make it easier for you to complete the game.

[edit] Unlockable Characters

#16 - Defeat #16 in Story Mode.
#17 - Defeat #17 in Story Mode.
#18 - Defeat #18 in Story Mode.
#19 - Defeat #19 in Story Mode.
Captain Ginyu - Defeat Ginyu in Story Mode after he takes over Goku's body.
Cell - Defeat Cell in Story Mode.
Dodoria - Defeat Freiza with Vegeta in Story Mode.
Frieza - Defeat Frieza in Story Mode.
Great Saiyaman - Defeat the World Match in Advanced Mode.
Hercule - Defeat the World Tournament in Adept Mode.
Nappa - Defeat Nappa in Story Mode.
Raditz - Defeat Raditz in Story Mode.
Recoome - Defeat Recoome the first time with Vegeta in Story Mode.
Teen Gohan - Complete the "A Warrior Beyond Goku" episode.
Trunks - Complete the "Perfect Cell Complete" episode.
Vegeta - Defeat Vegeta in Story Mode.
Yamcha - Defeat Yamcha with Cell in Story Mode.
Zarbon - Defeat Zarbon with Vegeta in Story Mode.

[edit] Unlockable Modes

Adept World Match - Beat the Novice World Tournament. You can then buy this mode from Mr. Popo's shop.

Advanced World Match - Beat the Adept World Tournament. You can then buy this mode from Mr. Popo's shop.

Legend of Hercule - Beat the World Tournament on Adept Level. You can then buy the mode from Mr. Popo's Shop.

[edit] Unlockable Side-Quests

Vegeta Side-Quest - Complete Story Mode.
Frieza Side-Quest - Complete the Namekian Saga.
Cell Side-Quest - Complete the Android Saga.

[edit] Unlockable Title Screens

Freiza Title Screen - Complete the Sayian saga.
Cell Title Screen - Complete the Namek saga.
General DBZ Title Screen - Complete Story mode.

[edit] Capsules

Capsules allow you to customize your characters' skill to as you see fit, you can choose to increase their attack or even defence, adding more than 1 capsule of the same type will often increase its effect, for example, you can choose to add various capsules which will increase your characters attack. In addition to support capsules, there are also those which give you the ability to add death moves to a character's skill list, you may also choose to add transformations for certain characters! This section lists all the capsules available in the game which you may buy from the Skill Shop.

How to get the capsule you want:

Basically, all you have to do is go into the Skill Shop. Near the bottom, you will see the recommended capsule. It will change as you enter and exit the shop, so if you do not want the one recommended, exit the shop and enter it again. Do this until you achieve the capsule of your choice.

At The Skill Shop:

Here is where you can purchase the capsules of your choice. Each capsule purchased contains one skill. Listed below are the 5 types:

    Gamble Capsules:
    These capsules have randomly selected skills, meaning you’ll never know what’s in them until you buy one! They sell at 3000 Zenie.
    Physical Capsules:
    The skills contained in these capsules are mainly offensive, thus the name physical. They sell at 2000 Zenie.
    Recommended Capsules:
    Mr. Popo will recommend capsules to you and sell at different prices. The word “New” will appear if you do not have the selected skill.
    Special Capsules:
    The skills contained in these capsules are transformation and death moves. They are mainly very powerful, hence the name special. They sell at 2000 Zenie.
    Support Capsules:
    The skills contained in these capsules are mainly defensive. They include medicinal and fighting aids, plus armor for protection. They sell at 2000 Zenie.

Capsule List:

- to come soon -

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