Broly: Second Coming

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[edit] Broly: Second Coming

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Japanese Name: Dangerous Partners! Super Warriors Never Rest

As the story opens, a damaged Saiyan spacepod is seen plummeting towards Earth and crashes into a polar region of the planet. It is revealed from the wreckage that the ship contains Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan who Goku defeated in the 8th DBZ Movie. Broly screams out Goku’s Saiyan name of “Kakarot!!” desperate for revenge, but is so weakened from his fight that he loses consciousness. After that his body is frozen deep inside the ice...

Seven years later, Goten, Trunks and Videl are on a search for the Dragonballs and have already collected six out of the seven. While trying to find the last one they stumble across a village who are preparing a sacrifice to same themselves from a “monster”. Trunks makes a deal with the village shaman to destroy the monster in return for his valuable necklace, so he, Goten and Videl set up a trap to lure the monster in using food so they may fight it. Videl slaps Goten when she refuses him to eat an apple from their bait, which sets the boy into a fit of crying that shakes Broly’s frozen body, making him flashback to when he was disturbed by Goku’s crying as a baby. The cries allow Broly to awaken...

Meanwhile, the “monster” who turns out to be a simple dinosaur eventually confronts the Z Fighters, and Goten and Trunks enjoy defeating it with ease. The villagers rejoice that they have been saved, but something begins to trouble Videl. The next morning she awakes to a disturbance, and sees a mysterious figure floating above the water which begins to attack her. It’s Broly, fully healed and in his Super Saiyan form quickly overpowers Videl and throws her into the sea, to be then confronted by Goten and Trunks.

Broly is enraged and continues to cry out “Kakarot!” due to Goten looking so much like his father. Broly attacks violently at both of them, and the boys’ Super Saiyan forms cannot compare to their opponent’s strength. Just when things start to look bad for them they notice the final Dragonball sitting behind Broly, and Goten dives to grab it so he may summon Shenron and ask him to defeat Broly. Trunks causes a desperate diversion but Goten is unable to use the right command to call forth the Dragon. Goten quickly has to abandon his attempts to go back and rescue Trunks, but the two of them are caught in a large energy attack from Broly that leaves them completely defenceless for a finishing blow.

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Luckily, they are suddenly saved from an energy ball deflection by Gohan who takes up the fight in their place. Broly toys with Gohan by throwing an energy ball towards him but redirects it towards Goten, Trunks and Videl. Gohan tries to nullify it in time, but his friends still end up badly wounded. This convinces Gohan to take the fight seriously and powers up to Super Saiyan, but Broly counters this decision by tapping into his Legendary Super Saiyan form, and maximum level of strength.

Gohan is no match for Broly’s amazing power, but he notices that the tyrant’s previous attack damaged the Earth’s crust and created a pool of molten lava. He sees his chance for victory, and manages to trap Broly in a wave of lava before fainting from exhaustion. When he awakens he deliriously believes he has been rescued from the lava pool by Piccolo, but it turns out to be Krillin wearing a set of the Namek’s clothing. The two of them are shocked when they discover Broly has survived through activating a barrier of energy, and are forced to continue fighting with him. Krillin is easily knocked out, and it looks like the end for Gohan.

But then, Videl rises to her feet and performs one last attack on Broly that fails and uses the last her strength, but gives Gohan the confidence and realisation he needs not to give up. He powers up and fires a one last Kamehameha with all the strength he has left, which Broly slowly starts to push back with a massive ball of energy. Goten joins his brother by firing a Kamehameha as well, but the two of them are still being pushed back. With things not looking good, Goten pleas to Shenron to help them, and suddenly the Dragonballs start to glow.

A vision of Goku floats down from the sky alongside his sides and also fires a Kamehameha to join the beam struggle. As Trunks luckily causes one finally diversion with one last energy ball, the vision of Goku encourages Gohan and Goten to not hold back, and they manage to deflect Broly’s attack and send him flying through the Sun, killing him once and for all.

The two brothers are confused as to where their father has disappeared to, while the seven Dragonballs scatter again across the Earth, and the world is at peace again.

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