Babidi & Majin Buu Sagas

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[edit] Babidi & Majin Buu Sagas

The forces of good and evil have converged upon the planet Earth, and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance! The evil wizard Babidi has traveled across the galaxy on a quest for revenge, hoping to fulfill his father's thwarted dreams of universal domination. Meanwhile, the Supreme Kai has come to enlist the aid of the Z-Fighters in an effort to prevent Babidi from completing his plans and awakening a monster of unimaginable terror-Majin Buu!

As Goku and the Z-Fighters descend into Babidi's lair, they are confronted by an army of powerful minions, led by the Demon King Dabura himself! Can our heroes resist the wizard's dark magic and battle their way through this host of villains before time runs out? With each passing second, more energy is gathered for the sleeping Majin Buu. And should this creature of pure evil be awakened, all life-everywhere-will be extinguished!

-Dragonball Z Season Eight Box Description

Episodes 220-226 Episodes 227-233 Episodes 234-240 Episodes 241-247 Episodes 248-253
220. The Wizard's Curse
E 220 03.jpg
227. Heart of a Villain
E 227 01.jpg
234. The Terror of Mr. Buu
E 234 04.jpg
241. Global Announcement
E 241 01.jpg
248. Goku's Time Is Up
E 248 01.jpg
221. King of the Demons
E 221 04.jpg
228. The Dark Prince Returns
E 228 04.jpg
235. Meal Time
E 235 02.jpg
242. Learn to Fuse!
E 242 04.jpg
249. Return to Other World
E 249 01.jpg
222. Vegeta Attacks
E 222 04.jpg
229. Vegeta's Pride
E 229 03.jpg
236. The Warrior's Decision
E 236 02.jpg
243. The Z-Sword
E 243 02.jpg
250. Out from the Broken Sword
223. Next Up, Goku
E 223 01.jpg
230. The Long Awaited Fight
E 230 01.jpg
237. Final Atonement
E 237 01.jpg
244. Race to Capsule Corp. 251. Gotenks Is Born
224. Battle Supreme
E 224 01.jpg
231. Magic Ball of Buu
E 231 04.jpg
238. Evil Lives On
E 238 04.jpg
245. Super Saiyan 3?! 252. Unlikely Friendship
225. Eighteen Unmasks
E 225 01.jpg
232. Buu is Hatched
E 232 03.jpg
239. Find the Dragon Balls
E 239 04.jpg
246. Buu's Mutiny 253. I Kill No More
226. Pay to Win
E 226 02.jpg
233. The Losses Begin
E 233 04.jpg
240. Revival
E 240 03.jpg
247. The Fusion Dance
E 247 04.jpg
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