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[edit] Character Description

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Android 19 is a fictional character from Dragonball Z and briefly in Dragonball GT.

An Android created by Dr Gero, made entirely from machine parts. This androids ability to absorb ki through his hands can make him particularly dangerous.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Android 19 is a creation of the Red Ribbon Army scientist Dr. Gero, and is also responsible for turning Gero himself into a cyborg.

[edit] Dragonball Z

Garlic Jr., Trunks, & Android Sagas

Android 19 first appears along with Android 20, attacking a city in search of Goku and the other Z Fighters. Accompanied by Dr Gero, the first fighter to find them is Yamcha, who Dr Gero almost kills before Piccolo, Tien and Goku catch up. For the most part, Android 19 lets Android 20 take control of the situation. The group of them agree to fly into the wilderness away from crowded city to fight, Goku says he will fight first as they are after him anyway so finally Android 19 gets a chance to do something. The fight seems reasonably well matched, even with Goku as a Super Saiyan. However, 19 begins to get the upper hand when Goku begins to suffer from his disease of the heart, causing him to weaken. 19 has beaten to the point where he is about to kill him when they are unexpectedly interrupted by Vegeta, who shows up out of no where. Vegeta takes over the fight, showing off his new ability to turn into a Super Saiyan. The Android tries to absorb Vegeta's energy but is unable to as Vegeta tears off both his hands, effectively disabling him. Despite trying to make a run for it, Vegeta doesn't spare the Android and destroys him completely with a Big Bang Attack.

[edit] Dragonball GT

Super Android 17 Saga

Android 19 makes a brief return in this Saga by escaping from Hell. He's seem causing destruction in some of the cities but is later sent back to Hell.

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