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Character Description

Yajirobe is a fictional character found in Dragonball and Dragonball Z.

Yajirobe is a form of comic relief in the DB universe.

Yajirobe seems to live with Korin in the tower beneath Kami's Lookout. He wields a sword although doesn't seem to fight very much as he is somewhat cowardly. He does have his moments though.

Plot Involvement

Yajirobe 01.jpg

He is first introduced in Dragonball after Goku's encounter with Tamborine. Yajirobe decided to be-friend Goku after he is promised that lots of food awaits them at Korin's Tower. The two started out as enemies though after Goku ate his lunch.

In Dragonball Z, Yajirobe is featured early on during the arrival of Raditz and Vegeta, and even aids his fellow warriors during the attack, but his role his very limited afterwards. Yajirobe does appear throughout the Android Saga with Bulma and baby Trunks. He is usually seen with Korin and his magical senzu beans.

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