DBZ Episode 192 - Goku's Decision

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[edit] Episode 192 - Goku's Decision

Japanese Name: I'll Be up There. Farewell with a Smile.

With Cell defeated, all of the Z Fighters, except Vegeta who says he would rather stay, fly to the Lookout taking the deceased Trunks and unconcsious Android 18 with them. Hercule's group wonder what exactly happened, and Hercule decides to tell that they while they weren't looking he walked straight up to Cell and killed him with one strike! They foolishly believe him, and broadcast the news that "Hercule has defeated Cell" to the rest of the world.

At the Lookout, 18 finally awakens, and when Gohan lets slip his theory that Krillin has a crush on her, 18 promptly gets irritated and flies away. After that, the Z Fighters summon Shenron, and use their first wish to revive everyone who was killed by Cell, which includes Trunks.

After that, they consider what possible wish they could make, since Shenron isn't capable of bringing Goku for a second time. However, Goku telepathically tells his friends that he may just remain in the Other World to pursue new training and experiences there. Although everyone is saddened by his decision, they still respect it, and must now think up a new wish, while their actions are being spied on by Android 18...

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