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[edit] Character Description


Zarbon is a fictional character who makes appearances in Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.

Zarbon is one of Frieza's highest ranking officers, being stronger than Dodoria. He adores beauty and can transform into a stronger form, but is reluctant to due to it's ugly appearance. Vegeta was stronger than Zarbon at first, but when Zarbon transformed he was stronger than Vegeta. However, Vegeta was later able to defeat Zarbon, even transformed.

[edit] Plot Involvement

[edit] Dragonball Z

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Frieza Saga

Zarbon is first seen alongside Frieza and Dodoria stealing Dragon Balls from the residents of Namek. Dodoria is sent to chase after Krillin and Gohan and after he doesn't return Zarbon is sent to look for him. But rather than finding them he runs into Vegeta, who challenges him. Much to Zarbon's suprise, Vegeta has increased in strength thus forcing him to transform into his uglier but stronger form. In this form Zabron is easily able to overpower Vegeta, leaving him in a lake to die. Zarbon then reports back to Frieza who is angry with him, realising Vegeta must have one of the Dragon Balls they are looking for. Zarbon races back to find Vegeta is still alive and takes him back to Frieza ship, putting him in a healing tank with the intention of interegating him once he is healed.

A short time passes and Vegeta heals much quicker than expected and escapes, causing havoc and confusions on Frieza ship and making off with the five Dragon Balls they had collected. Frieza orders Zarbon to chase after him and retrieve the Dragon Balls and he does so, soon catching up with him. He transforms into his stronger form but Vegeta's strength has increased again and Zarbon dies at the hands of Vegeta.

[edit] Dragonball GT

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Super Android 17 Saga

Zarbon makes a brief return in this Saga by escaping from Hell. He's seem causing destruction in some of the cities but is later sent back to Hell.

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