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[edit] Character Description

Yamu is a fictional character in the popular series, Dragonball Z.

Yamu is Spopovitch's partner in crime and has also allowed himself to be put under Babidi's control. He suffers the same fate as Spopovitch in that after they have completed their mission for Babidi they have exhausted their usefulness and are killed.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Yamu 01.jpg

Yamu is first seen at the 25th World Tournament with his partner Spopovitch they had been sent by Babidi to gather energy to help release Majin Buu after Gohan had turned Super Saiyan 2 they jump in to gather his energy after Gohan was paralyzed by Supreme Kai. They then head back to Babidi's spaceship unaware they're being followed by Supreme Kai, Kibito, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin.

After arriving back Babidi informs both Yamu and Spopovitch that they're no longer needed and kills Spopovitch after seeing Spopovitch die in front of him Yamu flies into the distance but is killed by Pui-Pui

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