Wrath of the Dragon

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[edit] Wrath of the Dragon

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Japanese Name: Dragonfist Explosion!! If Goku Can't Do It, Who Can?

In Satan City a group of criminals are running around causing trouble, only to be stopped by Great Saiyaman and Great Saiyaman 2, Gohan and Videl. After they deal with the problem, they both head back to Orange Star High School when Videl gets a call about an old man causing a disturbance in town. Gohan and Videl go to investigate and find the old man claiming he will jump off the top of a building. He jumps, only to be saved by Gohan. The Old Man then tells Gohan about a legendary hero named Tapion, who saved Planet Conuts in the Southern Galaxy a thousand years ago. He goes on to say that Tapion has been sealed inside a music box he has, and that he believes a crisis is headed towards the Earth, so Tapion should be released from the box. But he can only be released if the music box plays and no matter how hard Gohan tries it won't play. The Old Man then asks if he can be introduced to Shen Long as he knows they have had dealings with him in the past. They head back to the Capsule Corp and Bulma examines the box, even Goku tries to make the box play, but with no luck. Goku then suggests they look for the Dragon Balls to summon Shen Long. Between then all, they manage to find all seven and call Shen Long and he removes the seal on Tapion, then leaves. The music box begins to play and the box opens, revealing Tapion inside, the box shatters. Tapion seems angry to have been released and demands he is re-sealed, when he realises it's impossible Tapion leaves, with Goten and Trunks chasing after him.

Trunks and Goten follow Tapion to what seems like an abandoned warehouse, bringing him some food. Meanwhile in the city a huge monster is rampaging, Gohan and Videl go to see what is going on, it appears to be a monster that is just a pair of legs. Gohan attacks and manages to knock him down, but during the fight they hear the same melody Tapion was playing when he was released and the monster disappears.

Tapion returns to where he has been staying and finds Trunks there leaving some more food, but tells him to get lost. Later whilst Tapion is sleeping a giant portal opens above him and the top half of a monster crawls through. He plays the melody on his ocarina and the monster is sealed back up again and disappears. In the morning, Trunks returns again with some breakfast then leaves again.

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Back at Capsule Corp, Bulma is telling Videl how Trunks has been giving food to Tapion, and thinking of him like an older brother. In the evening Trunks returns again to Tapion to deliver some food. Just then, Tapion is attacked by the old man from earlier, who is after his ocarina. The Old Man tries to convince Trunks to hand over the ocarina, but hands it back over to Tapion. The old man then makes his escape, and Tapion lets Trunks stay with him to eat. Trunks then brings him back to the Capsule Corp. Tapion tells Trunks that he has a younger brother, Minosha, and about his home planet in the Southern Galaxy. But a monster named Hildegarn was brought to the planet by a warlock and rampaged. Later on, Tapion explains to Bulma that a phantasm is locked inside his body. He goes on to explain how a group of warlocks summoned the phantasm Hildegarn, but there was a legendary sword and ocarina that could control Hildegarn. The phantasm was split in two by a priest and each half was sealed within Tapion and Minosha. To prevent the phantasm from ever being revived the two of them were sealed within a magic box each and sent to different galaxies. He explains how Hoi, the old man, wants to use Hildegarn to control the universe. Bulma then offers to re-create the music box as a room so that Tapion can at least sleep.

However, in the night, the lower half of Hildegarn is rampaging in the city, trying to get hold of the half inside Tapion. Hildegarn and Hoi make it to the Capsule Corp and manage to extract the top half of Hildegarn, joining the two together. Tapion plays the melody on his ocarina, but it seems to have no effect on the restored Hildegarn, so Goku, Gohan, Goten and Trunks take on Hildegarn themselves. However his speed, and ability to fade in and out prove difficult for them to deal with. From the sidelines, Vegeta steps in as the monster is destroying his home. However, like Goku and the others he gets knocked aside. Trunks and Goten fuse into Gotenks, during they attack, Hildegarn's skin hardens then splits, releasing a new complete monster. This monster seems stronger than before and manages to knock Goten, Trunks and Gohan unconscious with just one swipe. With everyone knocked out, Tapion tries playing the melody again, it appears to work this time, and Tapion seals the monster inside himself. He hands Trunks his sword and asks him to kill him for the sake of Earth. Trunks doesn't want to do it, but Tapion pleads with him, however before he is able to to do anything Hildegarn manages to escape his body, destroying the ocarina in the process. Not too far away, Goku has powered up to Super Saiyan 3 and launches his Dragon Fist attack just at the right moment, destroying Hildegarn completely.

Bulma gives Tapion her Time Machine so that he can return to his time. He hands over his sword to Trunks, then heads back to his home and time.

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