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[edit] Character Description

Videl is a fictional character from Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT. The daughter of Hercule, she is quite strong for an ordinary human and trained with both her father and later Gohan. Eventually she settles down with Gohan and they have a daughter, Pan.


Videl first appears in the "Herculopolis" story arc. Videl becomes friends with Gohan at Hercule High after she finds out his athletic abilities. When Gohan comes disguised as The Great Saiyaman at a fight between Videl and a criminal, Videl recognizes his voice and how he acts and comes to the conclusion that Gohan is The Great Saiyaman. Videl then wants Gohan to participate in the next Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament so they can have a one on one battle, between the former champion's (Goku) son and the current champion's (Hercule) daughter. Videl also asks that Gohan teaches her how to fly, and if he doesn't do either of the two, she will tell everybody in school about his disguise. Gohan, having no choice, agrees.

Videl then begins her training with Gohan, learning more and more about Chi. Videl also meets Goten, Gohan's younger brother who also doesn't know how to fly. Videl and Goten eventually learn how to fly (although Goten excelled a lot faster than Videl, most likely due to his Saiyan blood) and Videl then tells Gohan they will meet at the next Budokai.

At the Budokai, Videl meets up with Gohan and the Z Fighters and is astonished at how powerful they are. Videl passes through to the prelims and fights against Spopovich in the main tournament. Videl fights as hard as she can against Spopovich, but since he gained power from Babidi, he beats her to a pulp. Yamu even had to tell Spopovich to jut finish the fight before he kills her, Spopovich then comes to his senses and agrees.

Gohan then brought Videl to the infirmary at the Budokai, and feeds her a Senzu Bean, and she is instantly cured of all her wounds. Videl then follows Gohan to confront the Majin Buu, but backs out after learning how dangerous it is. Videl then says as Gohan flies away that when he returns, she will ask him out.

[edit] Fighting Style

Videl is one of the strongest humans on Earth. Videl says that her fighting talent was all self taught. After Gohan asks if she ever faced off against her dad, Hercule, she said no. Gohan then says to himself that Videl doesn't even know that she is stronger than Hercule.

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