Vegeta Jr

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Vegeta Jr at the World Tournament

[edit] Character Description

Vegeta Jr. is a fictional character in the Dragonball GT series.

Vegeta Jr. Is a descendant of Vegeta and is first seen in Episode 64 of Dragon Ball GT. He fights in the world tournament against Goku Jr, a descendant of Goku. His features are that of Vegeta and his attitude is the same as he mocks Goku Jr about his ancestors cloths. He is able to fly and become a super saiyan despite his age and amount of saiyan blood (1/15 saiyan-14/15 human, Vegeta himself stated no one with less than a quarter of saiyan blood can become a super saiyan).

Vegeta Jr is sometimes compared to his distant uncle Trunks(not future) due to his rivalry with a Goku descendant and ability to go super at a young age. There are no hints on a future series with Vegeta Jr and Goku Jr in it but one sure can hope

[edit] Plot Involvement

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