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[edit] Character Description

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Uub is a fictional character first introduced at the very end of the Dragonball Z anime series. He later moved on to join the Z-Fighters in Dragonball GT.

A young human boy who was born as the pure-hearted resurrection of Majin Buu. At the very end of Dragonball Z, Uub met Goku in a martial arts tournament and was trained by the Saiyan over the next ten years to learn how to use his inner power. He later merged with Good Buu in Dragonball GT, becoming much stronger and fought Baby afterwards, but came up short.

[edit] Plot Involvement


[edit] Dragonball Z

Majin Buu & Kid Buu Sagas

10 years after Buu was defeated, Uub appears at the World Martial Arts Tournament. He is the strongest from his village and has entered in order to win the prize money to buy food for his family. He is paired up with Goku in his first fight and is nervous, however Goku guides Uub into fighting with his real power by insulting him and his family. However the fight doesn't get very far when Goku stops and offers to train Uub, plus have Mr Satan give his family the money he had come to win. Uub agrees and he and Goku head back to Uub's home to begin years worth of training.

[edit] Dragonball GT

Black Star Dragon Balls Saga

Ten Years have passed since Goku begun training Uub and he has come a long way since then. The two of them have now taken to training on Dende's Lookout as their training has become too intense for Earth. They decide to call it a day for their training, and say goodbye as Uub is returning home to see his family for a while. Uub leaves the lookout to head home and this is the last we see of him for this Saga.

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