Tree of Might

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[edit] Tree of Might

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Japanese Name: Super Deciding Battle for the Entire Planet Earth

Out in the forest Gohan is out camping with Oolong, Krillin and Bulma. During the night a spaceship crashlands on Earth starting a fire in the forest. Gohan and Krillin use their powers to try and calm the fire and save the forest and the animals. It takes a while but the fire is eventually put out, but there is alot of destruction to the forest. Krillin has an idea and asks for the Dragon Radar and the group head out searching for the Dragon Balls with Tien and Chao Zu helping later on.

Once all the Dragon Balls have been collected they summon Shenlong and wish for the forest to be restored to how it was. The wish is granted and Shenlong disappears, along with the Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, the spaceship that crashlanded the night before comes to life and starts to move around by itself. Out in space another spaceship has picked up the signal, Turles, the one in charge, is suprised to hear that life exists on Earth, given that Kakarot was supposed to extinguish it all.

Back on Earth Gohan is back home with ChiChi and Goku, a little dragon which Gohan has named Hiya Dragon has come to visit him. ChiChi insists that the dragon goes back to the mountains so Gohan and Goku take the dragon to a nearby cave instead, leaving him lots of food to eat.

Elsewhere, the aliens on Turles ship have landed on Earth, and plant a seed into the ground. It quickly grows and takes root, spreading across the Earth and growing into a huge tree. Everyone has gathered at Goku's house when Hiya Dragon arrives but is sent on his way by ChiChi. King Kai speaks to Goku and tells him that someone has planted The Tree of Might on Earth and it will drain all the nutrients from the Earth to produce its fruit.

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Turles and his minions are waiting beside the tree for the fruit to ripen. Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien and Chao Zu have gathered at the base of the tree to try and destroy it but their efforts aren't enough. Turles' minions are amused by their efforts and challenge them all. During the fight, Gohan and Hiya Dragon also arrive, as Gohan snuck out of the house earlier, Gohan joins in the fighting. Turles watches and muses that Gohan must be a Saiyan so goes to find out. Gohan bumps into him and grabs hold of him, asking him to join up with him, ovbiously Gohan refuses. With Turles threatening Gohan, Piccolo makes his presence known and attacks Turles to save Gohan, but the two of them are knocked down. Turles forms a ball of light like the one Vegeta formed during his fight with Goku that imitiates the light of the full moon. He picks up Gohan and forces him to look at the light ball, causing him to transform into a giant ape, after the transformation Turles then destroys the light ball. Seeing what has happened, Goku deals with the minions that are standing in his way and goes to Gohan to try to bring him around. But his efforts are no use, Gohan attacks Goku and grabs hold of him, crushing him in his hands. Hiya Dragon tries his luck and manages to communicate with Gohan, causing him to let Goku go and calm down, but the peace doesn't last long as Turles blasts the dragon, causing Gohan to go into another rage. This time, Gohan goes after Turles, to save Gohan from being killed, Goku cuts off Gohan's tail and returns him back to normal.

Across the Earth, the Tree of Might is causing chaos and power outages as its roots spread further. Turles' minions attack Goku whilst Piccolo challenges Turles. Piccolo is no match for Turles, but Goku is able to deal with his minions without much difficulty. Goku takes over from where Piccolo left off, and as they fight Turles notices that the fruit has ripened. He takes the fruit from the tree and eats it, dramatically increasing his strength in the process. Even the 2 times Kaio Ken is not enough for Goku to be able to keep up with Turles. Thinking that he has killed Goku, Turles heads off. Telepathically, Piccolo, Yamcha and the others ask Goku to use the Spirit Bomb. Whilst Goku attempts to collect the energy for it, Piccolo and the others challenge Turles despite their poor shape from fighting earlier. The energy gathers to form the Spirit Bomb and Goku throws it at Turles, but before it can hit him, Turles blasts it with his own energy attack, there wasn't enough energy left on Earth for Goku to form a strong enough Spirit Bomb. Goku senses another energy source, the tree itself, so he heads up to face Turles again. This time, Turles isn't able to stop the Spirit Bomb and is killed, causing the tree to explode with energy in the process. The energy returns to the Earth and replenishes the life it took.

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