The Return Of Cooler

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[edit] The Return of Cooler

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Japanese Name: Clash!! 10 Billion Power Warriors

On the New Planet Namek a giant metal planet is closing in wraps itself around the planet, clinging to it with long arms like a spider. Far away on Earth, Dende learns of what is happening and asks Goku to help the Namekians. So Goku, along with Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Oolong, Yajirobe and Master Roshi, head off towards the New Namek to see what they can do to help.

On the planet's surface, robots are gathering up and capturing the Namekian people. One of the Nameks tries to attack the robots but is knocked down, it's then that Goku and co make their arrival on the planet known. Out from the group of robots comes Cooler who Goku battled on Earth once before, however he is incased in a metal body. Goku remembers how Cooler died, or how he should have, when they last battled, it's then that Cooler mentions the Big Gete Star, the planet that has engulfed New Namek. Before they can talk any further the robots attack the group, leaving Cooler and Goku to fight each other uninterupted. It doesn't take long for Oolong, Master Roshi and Yajirobe to find themselves captured, whilst the others are hardly making a dent in the robots. Piccolo explains that they should concentrate their ki at the exact point of impact to cause any damage and he, Gohan and Krillin attack again, this time proving more successful. Although, their luck doesn't last for long as Krillin and Gohan find themselves captured by the robots.

Elsewhere Goku has begun his fight against Cooler, although it is Cooler who seems to have the upperhand. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan level, ready to fight again..

Elsewhere, Piccolo has destroyed all the robots that were attacking them earlier. He then heads off towards the Big Gete Star to try and find Gohan and the others.

Meanwhile, Goku's fight against Cooler rages on, he even manages to break off an arm. But Cooler's arm regenerates almost instantly, as Cooler explains he is powered by the Big Gete Star. Cooler grabs hold of Goku and is about to crush his neck when out of nowhere Vegeta intervenes and takes over the fight. Although, it doesn't take long for Cooler to overwelm him too.

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Back at the Big Gete Star a little robot explains to everyone that they will be mashed up now, their energy going to contribute towards the Big Gete Star. Not far away, Piccolo is catching up on the group.

Outside, Vegeta and Goku are recovering from Cooler's latest attack. Goku suggests they both attack at the same time at full power otherwise they don't stand a chance. Whilst Vegeta disagrees vocally, he goes along with the plan and the two of them manage to destroy Cooler before he is able to be fully regenerated by the Big Gete Star. With Cooler gone, they both collapse having used up all their power in that last attack. However, not too far away a whole army of Coolers appears, it seems the Big Gete Star can make more than just one Cooler. Within moments, Goku and Vegeta are overwelmed and taken back to the Big Gete Star and hooked up to it. Cooler explains how the Big Gete Star is a program that seeks out energy throughout the universe and absorbs it. He goes on to say how part of his brain became fused with the machine and now he governs the Big Gete Star and begins to absorb Goku and Vegeta ebergy with the intention of making an army of Metal Super Saiyans. However, their energy flows wildly and is too much for the machine to take, causing it to break down and release them. The Big Gete Star begins to become unstable and fall apart, releasing all the prisoners in the process. Gohan and the others make a run for it and escape the Big Gete Star with Piccolo. Goku and Vegeta however are still aboard the Big Gete Star and cut off from the others as it tries to flee the planet. Despite his injuries, Goku summons all his strength to launch one final attack against Cooler but before he can launch it, Cooler wraps him in wires and immoblises him. It's then that Vegeta steps in and frees him, before passing out from exhaustion, Goku uses this moment to attack and this time it is successful as Cooler is destroyed and the Big Gete Star explodes.

Back on New Namek the others wonder what has happened to Goku as they see the Big Gete Star explode in the star. Then they notice Goku, and Vegeta, falling back to the planet and landing none to gentley. After a senzu, Goku wonders where Vegeta went, but it turns out he ran off after getting his own senzu. In Vegeta's spacepod, in his hand Vegeta destroys a final part of the Big Gete Star.

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