Tao Pai Pai

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Tao Pai Pai
Cyborg Tao with blade hand

[edit] Character Description

Tao Pai Pai 01.jpg

Tao Pai Pai is a fictional character from Dragonball and Dragonball Z.

Also known as General Tao, this cruel man was hired by the Red Ribbon Army to help them collect the Dragonballs. He easily defeated the young Goku, but in their rematch he was badly beaten, and being caught in the explosion of one of his own bombs meant he had to be rebuilt as a cyborg.

[edit] Plot Involvement

He appears in Dragon Ball Z during the Cell Saga which he meets Gohan. He notices that Gohan resembles Goku and he fears Gohan. As his last and only appearance in Dragon Ball Z, he is defeated by Gohan.

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