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[edit] Character Description

Tambourine is a fictional character Dragonball series.

A servant and son of King Piccolo, Tambourine was sent by his master to the martial arts tournament to collect one of the Dragonballs and acquire a list of the world’s best fighters. Tambourine killed Krillin while on this mission, and then badly beat up Goku who was already exhausted at the time.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Tambourine (left)

Tambourine went on a killing spree murdering various martial artists and those who tried to defend them as a favor for his father so they couldn't use the Evil Containment Wave against him, among his victims were King Chapa, Pamput, Nam, Bacterian, Man Wolf, and Giran, he then attempted to kill Yamcha who had already been weakend by Tien so he was in no shape to fight just as he was about to deliver the killing blow King Piccolo interupted him saying that his brother Cymbol had been killed in battle so he decides to spare Yamcha as he was no fun anyway and barely put up a fight, he encounters Goku who had recovered from his brutal assalt on him he engages in battle with him and gain the upperhand for the beginning of the fight, he then fires a mouth blast at Goku seemingly killing him but as it turns out he got out of the way just in time he then beats up Tambourine badly eventually knocking him unconsious, Goku thinks he's dead and leaves Yajarobi to deal with his body as he planned to eat him as he had done with Cymbol, upon hearing this Tambourine recovers and retreats, Goku eager for revenge for the death of Krillin extends his powerpole and leaps out at the fleeing Tambourine and fires a Kamehameha at him vaporising and killing him.

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