Super Saiyan Aura

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Appearing exclusively in Dragonball GT, the Super Saiyan Aura can be seen as both a healing method, and a power-up. When an Aura is performed, a group of Saiyans form a circle aroud the recipient, they surface their ki's and transfer it to the recipient. In Dragonball GT, this method was performed twice, and in both occasions, Goku was the recipient and his sons Gohan and Goten, his granddaugher Pan, and Vegeta's son Trunks were the senders.

Depending in the situation, a Super Saiyan Aura can simply restore the recipient's powerlevel back to 100%, but it can also surpass 100%. The first variation was used to defeat the parasitic creature Baby, who had possessed Vegeta's body, and the second variation was used to take on the Lord of the one star Dragonball, Syn Shenron.

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