Super Saiyan 4

Super Saiyan 4 Kakarot

This Super Saiyan variant was first seen in Dragonball GT. It doesn't appear in Toriyama's manga, and is thus non canonical. When a Saiyan is in use of the Super Saiyan stage, and can perform an Oozaru transform, Super Saiyan 4 can be achieved. Prior to this however, he must first perform the transformation into a Golden Oozaru. This form can be best described as a merger between the Oozaru and Super Saiyan forms, but obtaining a power level far greater than any of the two forms separately. When a Saiyan has successfully become a Golden Oozaru, there is one final obstacle that remains, gaining control. The typical low-class Saiyan is not trained to maintain their rationality when Oozaru, and subsequently, goes on a rampage. The Saiyan elites however, like Vegeta, are trained and thus maintain rationality at all times. Kakarot, being a low-class Saiyan, initially lost control when he transformed into the Golden Oozaru state, and it was his granddaughter Pan who restored it, allowing Kakarot to reach Super Saiyan 4. Furthermore, Vegeta, and the fused character Kageta, also reached this level.

[edit] Abilities

Needless to say, a Super Saiyan 4 possesses much more power than any transformation prior. As a result, the Saiyan can input a gigantic amount of ki into their attacks. Kakarot for example, was now able to launch a Kamehameha at ten times its original strength. Furthermore, the Saiyan's speed and reflexes have substantially increased.

[edit] Characteristics

A Super Saiyan 4 doesn't in any way adopt any characteristics from the canonical Super Saiyan transformations, except for the yellow ki aura. It can best be described as an evolved Oozaru. The Saiyan maintains his tail during the transformation, losing it will end in the canceling of the transformation, as was demonstrated by Vegeta. Like an Oozaru, the Saiyan now also has fur covering most of their body. Kakarot's was pinkish-red, Vegeta's was dark-red, and Kageta's crimson red. The Saiyan's hair also extends in length, until just down their shoulders. Because a Saiyan must first undergo the Golden Oozaru transformations, their usual clothing will rip apart. Dragonball's animation company, Toei Animation, solved this issue by having a pair of new pants replacing it. With the fusion Gogeta, this of course was unnecessary, given the Fusion Dance technique by default provides its products with traditional Metamorian clothing.

[edit] Characters that used this transformation:

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