Super Dragon Ball Z (PS2)

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Super Dragon Ball Z

North American Box Art

Developer Crafts & Meister
Publisher Atari
Platform PS2, PS3
Release Date(s) North America -– July 18, 2006

Europe -– July 14, 2006
Japan - June 29, 2006
Australia –- 2006

Genre Action/Fighting (3D)
Rating (T) Teen
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[edit] Super Dragon Ball Z (PS2) Game Summary

Dragon Brawl!

The Ultimate Test of Power Master the unique fighting styles of 18 mighty Dragon Ball Z warriors in an awesome fighting engine designed by Noritaka Funamizu, producer of Street Fighter II. Behold devastating details of manga-based graphics, artfully created in the style of Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama.

-Super Dragon Ball Z (PS2) Box Description

[edit] Game Features

  • Steal your enemy's special moves and use them as your own!
  • Unleash lighting-quick combos and brutal finishing moves!
  • Introducing for the first time anywhere, an all new character to unlock, CyborgFrieza!

-Super Dragon Ball Z (PS2) Box Description

[edit] Available Characters

[edit] Skills

Each character starts off with a basic set of moves, but later more can be added and learnt.


  • U - Up
  • D - Down
  • L - Left
  • R - Right
  • LA - Light Attack
  • HA - Heavy Attack
  • G - Guard
  • J - Jump

Commands seperate by / symbols denote that either of these commands can be pressed to perform the attack. Combinations are listed as if the character is facing right, you will have to reverse some of the directions if they are facing left.

[edit] Customization

SDBZ Customization 00.jpg

Specific Characters in Customization: Character Customation

In Customization you can edit the characters to your liking. You can alter their name, change the colour of their clothes and pick and choose which skills you want to learn and have equipped. The custom cards also display other information such as how many Dragon Balls that character has, their total Battle Points and their EXP gauge.

[edit] Modes

SDBZ Modes 00.jpg

[edit] Original

SDBZ Modes 01.jpg

This is the mode that mirrors the original Super Dragon Ball Z arcade game. In this mode you have to fight your way through 7 battles until you reach the final battle with Perfect Cell. The opponents you face before you reach Cell are random. Each time you defeat an opponent you will be rewarded with Battle Points and experience to help level up your character as well as a Dragon Ball.

[edit] Training

SDBZ Modes 02.jpg

This is a basic training mode where you can practice moves for any of the characters against a stationary opponent. It will also display the damage you are inflicting with each attack that hits.

[edit] Versus

SDBZ Modes 03.jpg

As one would expect from a fighting game, there is a 2-player Versus mode. In this mode all the characters currently unlocked are available and it is possible to play as the same character due to the alternate colours. There is also the option to have a handicap put on.

[edit] Z Survivor

SDBZ Modes 04.jpg

Z Survivor works like the Original except for the battles are limitless. Each time you defeat an opponent the next one will be slightly more difficult. Also, your characters health is not replenished after each battle, the game ends when you are defeated. Each time you defeat a character you are rewarded with Battle Points and a chance to win something on the Bonus Roulette Wheel. The prizes are:

  • Dragon Balls
  • Attack Up
  • Ultimate Gauge Healing
  • Defense Up
  • Health Points Up
  • EXP Bonus
  • Battle Points Bonus

[edit] Dragon Summoning

SDBZ Dragon Summoning 00.jpg

Everytime one of your characters collects all 7 Dragon Balls, they may ask one wish from Shenlong. Some may only be granted once, but others can be granted multiple times. The wishs available are listed below.

[edit] Your Wish has been Enhanced

These wishs can only be granted once.

Player Character

  • I want to use Majin Vegeta - this will unlock Majin Vegeta
  • I want to use King Piccolo - this will unlock King Piccolo
  • I want to use Ultimate Gohan - this will unlock Ultimate Gohan
  • I want to use Videl - this will unlock Videl. This wish is only selectable after making wishs from 5 different characters
  •  ????

Narration Voice

  • Vegeta's Call - Set the narration voice to Vegeta
  • King Piccolo's Call - Set the narration voice to King Piccolo
  • Goku's Call - Set the narration voice to Goku
  •  ????
  •  ????


  •  ????
  •  ????

[edit] Your Wish is Granted

These wishs can be granted more than once.

Stat Upgrade

  • Power to drain energy - You will learn a special skill, when using energy blasts, your Ultimate Gauge will gradually fillup
  • Give me ultimate power! - When your health goes below 35% you won't be able to guard, but your attack power will increase
  • I want more stamina - Action Gauge will refill quicker
  • Show my full potential - When hit by or blocking an attack, your Ultimate Gauge will fill up
  • I want burning rage - You will gain more Ultimate Gauge when hit by your opponent's attacks
  • I want to move faster - Your Action Gauge will increase
  •  ????

Inherited Moves

  • Learn my rival's super - Which rival you learn from will differ depending on which character you are using. To see who your character will learn from check the Character Customization page.
  •  ????
  •  ????


  • Train like I used to! - In your battle data, all skills will be lost and character advancement will have to begin again, but all experience gained so far will be returned to the EXP gauge
  • Dragon, please change my name - This will rename your character, depending on what character you are using will effect the name Shenlong gives you. To see what you will be given, check the Character Customization page.
  • Show my true power - Before each match begins, your victory ratio will be displayed
  • A new colour for clothes - This will give you one new colour for your characters clothes
  • I want a better outfit - Gain a special costume
  •  ????
  •  ????
  •  ????
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