Stardust Breaker

Top is Stardust Breaker and the bottom is Janemba getting killed by it


[edit] Inventor


[edit] Alternative Names

  • Soul Punisher
  • Rainbow Sparkling Blast
  • Tiny Spirit Bomb

[edit] Performing this technique

Gogeta first catches his opponent off guard then he puts one hand in the air and forms a baseball-sized rainbow-colored energy ball. When Gogeta throws it at the target it has a delayed effect, but finally purifies the evil energy out of the victim. Janemba didn't actually die from it, as the psyche ogre that makes up the basis of Janemba's being, or rather, IS Janemba, was still alive. The evil energy that had possessed and morphed the psyche ogre was simply filtered out by the Stardust Breaker, until the ogre was restored to its humanoid-like state.

[edit] Characters who can perform this technique

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