Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

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[edit] Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

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Japanese Name: The Sleeping Princess in the Devil's Castle

Flying on his Nimbus Cloud, young Goku journeys to the island home of Master Roshi so he can seek training from the martial arts master. The old turtle hermit tells Goku he doesn't really like accepting students, even though Goku is determined to receive training. Shortly after that, a boy who calls himself Krillin arrives at the island too, also wanting to be trained by Master Roshi. Roshi decides he will give both of the boys a test to see if they are worthy to become his students. He tells them of a demon Lucifer who has a beautiful princess trapped in an endless sleep at his castle, within a range of mountains known as the Devil's Hand. He says that whoever can take the princess and give her to the old man will receive their training. The two boys immediately set off across land and sea toward the Devil's Hand, and Krillin attempts a variety of pranks to try and slow Goku down.

Back at the Kame House, Bulma, Yamcha, Puar and Oolong turn up looking for Goku, and are informed about his trek to the Devil's Hand. By this point Goku and Krillin have finally arrived, and Bulma, Yamcha and the other arrive decide to go look for him there. But when their aircraft arrives near the Devil's Hand, they are suddenly attacked by a range of demon creatures.

As Goku and Krillin slowly begin to investigate the castle, Bulma suddenly awakens to find herself in a huge royal-like bedroom and greeted by the handsome Count Lucifer. Bulma yells at Lucifer that his goons tried to kill her and her friends, while Lucifer assures her they wouldn't have meant anything of the sort. As he agrees to let her go see the rest of her companions, she begins to feel like something unusual is going on.

Now into the deepest part of the castle, Goku and Krillin are assaulted by a stampede of demons and then attacked by a much larger and powerful demon warrior. Goku quickly manages to knock him down with his Power Pole, and works together with Krillin to take out most of the other stampeding monsters. The red demon rises up again and continues fighting with Goku, while Krillin decides to take this opportunity to go looking for the princess. Bulma is led by Lucifer to a huge stadium-like section of the castle filled with demon onlookers. Lucifer introduces Bulma to them, and then suddenly reveals to her his true intentions; that he requires her blood to complete a special ceremony.

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Meanwhile, Goku hears that Krillin is under attack and abandons his battle, rushing to save him just in time using the Nimbus. The red demon reappears on the scene, this time casting a spell of energy on his feet allowing him to glide through the air after the boys. A chase ensues, but as a gigantic sea creature rises up to try and swallow Goku and Krillin, it eats up the red demon instead, and the boys escape to safety.

Elsewhere, Lucifer prepares to use a giant injection needle to take Bulma's blood so he may awaken the princess. The procedure is stopped however when Goku and Krillin suddenly crash on the scene. Yamcha, Oolong and Puar attempt to rescue Bulma but fail, while suddenly the criminal thief Lunch breaks into the castle on her bike and takes a huge crystal that Goku and Krillin landed upon. Lunch then reveals that the princess from the legend is actually this crystal, and rides off with it, pursued by many of the demons.

When Lunch sneezes from her hair, she transforms into her good-natured self and crashes her bike. Goku recovers the crystal, but is forced to hand it over when Krillin is being held hostage in Lucifer's hands. Goku's tail is then bitten by a tiny pink demon, making him lose all of his strength and eventually be captured by the monsters as well. Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Oolong, Puar and Lunch are now held trapped in stonewall, while the ceremony to use the full moon light to awaken the power within the princess crystal is getting underway. But when Goku looks up and sees the full moon for himself, he suddenly transforms into his gigantic Oozaru gorilla form, and goes on a rampage despite breaking everyone out of the wall. Just as Lunch is about to be eaten by the uncontrollable Oozaru, Puar shape shifts into a pair of scissors and snips off Goku's tail just in time, making him change back to normal.

Lucifer suddenly reveals his master plan to Bulma, using the awakened princess crystal's power to destroy the sun, so that the demons may be able to take full control of the Earth. The gang arrive to foil Lucifer's plan and begin to battle with the demon master himself. As the sun begins to rise and come into range, Goku suddenly fires a powerful Kamehameha Wave attack that destroys Lucifer's machine and foils his plan. As the group run to escape, the crystal malfunctions; creating a huge explosion that kills Lucifer and all the other demons in its wake. Goku and Krillin returns to Kame House to deliver the bad news that there was no princess, but Roshi quickly falls for Lunch's beauty, assuming that she is the princess and accepts Goku and Krillin as his students at last.

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