Saiyan History

The Saiyan race were coinhabitants with the Tsufuru-jin's on a planet named Plant. However this was not a peaceful cohabitation as the Tsufuru-jin's used technology to keep the savage Saiyan's away from their high tech sprawling cities.

However when a full moon occurs on planet Plant it all changed. At the sight of a full moon the physically superior Saiyan's became even stronger as they turned in Oozaru's which are giant ape's. Soon enough all the cities and Tsufuru-jin's were destroyed or wiped out completly. The planet was then renamed planet Vegeta after their leader, King Vegeta.
The Saiyan's then met a race called Arconians who they traded their muscle from the Arconians technology. However this was to be their downfall as the Arconians worked for an extremely powerful being called Freiza. Freiza took control of the Saiyan race and used them for his own bidding.

However when Freiza took Prince Vegeta and sent him off with Nappa to take over a planet, King Vegeta snapped. He assembled the best of the best of the Saiyan race and went to assassinate Freiza. However Freiza killed King Vegeta with ease and out of a mixture of rage at this betrayal and fear of the power of the saiyan race, Freiza blew up planet Vegeta and all but killed off the entire saiyan race.

However, there were a select few saiyans left; Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Goku, Tullece, Paragus, and Broly. Goku was a small baby currently on his way to earth in a saiyan pod. Nappa, Vegeta and Raditz were under Freiza's command and worked for him. Broly had made a forcefield around him and his father around the time of destruction and traveled to a distant planet.

Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz still despised Freiza and were biding their time until something could be done to end his reign...

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