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[edit] Character Description

Pui-Pui 01.jpg

Pui-Pui is a fictional character from the Dragonball Z series.

Looking somewhat similar to Frieza’s third form, Pui-Pui is a loyal servant to Babidi after his mind was taken control by the wizard’s magic. Pui-Pui is a confident fighter and was the first warrior to face the Z Fighters in Babidi’s spaceship. However, he was easily beaten by Vegeta who didn’t even break a sweat during their battle.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Pui-Pui is first seen when Yamu and Spopovitch return with Gohan's energy he is instructed to kill Yamu who tried to fly away after witnessing Babidi kill Spopvitch. He kills Yamu with his Nice Shot attack. He later battles with Vegeta inside the spaceship before Babidi uses his magic to move the battle to Pui-Pui home plant Zoon, Babidi does this to give Pui-Pui the advantage but it comes to no use and Vegeta easily kills Pui-Pui without Pui-Pui landing a single hit on him.

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