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[edit] Character Description

Pikkon is a fictional character from the popular series, Dragonball Z.

Pikkon is a tall, muscular, green warrior from the West Galaxy.

He meets Goku in the Other World. The two have a battle to determine who will win a private lesson with the Grand Kai. The battle seems quite evenly matched as both their skills and tricks are even. Their fight was in the final of the Other World Tournament with their match ending in a draw as both fighters were disqualified due to having touched the roof of the arena during their battle.

[edit] Appearances

Pikkon 01.jpg

Pikkon makes appearances in the filler episodes before The Great Saiyaman Saga. His amazing skills are shown when he quickly defeats Cell, Frieza, and King Cold. However, he is quickly defeated by Kid Buu after showing a cocky attitude and underestimating him. Some fans were puzzled by that action as Pikkon was depicted as a silent, serious, and respectful character in previous episodes. Pikkon also makes an appearance in the movie, Fusion Reborn, and even helped Goku and Vegeta defeat Janemba, as he stalled him long enough for Goku and Vegeta to fuse into Gogeta.

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