New Planet Vegeta

[edit] Summarizarion

New Planet Vegeta is a fictional planet from Dragonball Z.

[edit] Plot involvement

This planet appears only in the eigth Dragonball Z movie: Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan. Inhabited by Paragas, a non canon survivor of the Saiyan race, this planet was used to lure the son of Pargas' sworn rival King Vegeta, Vegeta, into a certain death, as the planet was on collision course with a large comet. Paragas managed to persuade Vegeta into joining him, and his son Broly to travel towards this planet, to become its king. Before Vegeta could attain this position though, he first had to dispatch of the Legendary Super Saiyan, a warrior who's power is said to surpass all. After a number of failed attempts, Vegeta learns that he has been deceived by Paragas all along, and that Broly was the real Legendary Super Saiyan. After a brutal fight, Paragas is killed, the Z-fighters, and as learned later, Broly, escape, and the planet is destroyed by the comet.

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