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Neko Majin was a short series produced by Akira Toriyama spanning eight chapters intermittently from 1999 - 2005 which were later collected into one volume. The reason it is being mentioned here however because the latter five chapters were infact Dragon Ball self parodies and even included cameos from some of the Dragon Ball characters such as Vegeta, Majin Buu and Goku. Also some new original characters are introduced with connections to Dragon Ball such as a fat Saiyan named Onio, plus Frieza's son named Kuriza.

The series focuses on a race of cat people called the Neko Majin who seem to be able to use some sort of magical skills such as transformations, as well as being good at fighting. They also have their own special attack called the Nekohameha. The story goes that there are only 28 Neko Majins discovered in the world, and the manga follows the stories of three different Neko Majin: Neko Majin, Neko Majin Mike and Neko Majin Z.

Chapters:<img src="" border="0" align="right">
Chapter 1: Neko Majin is Here
Chapter 2: Neko Majin is Here 2
Chapter 3: Neko Majin Mike
Chapter 4: Neko Majin Z
Chapter 5: Neko Majin Z 2
Chapter 6: Neko Majin Z 3
Chapter 7: Neko Majin Z 4
Chapter 8: Neko Majin Z 5

The collected Neko Majin manga volume has yet to be released in English, but has been translated into French.


[edit] Characters

<img src="" border="0" align="left">Boy: This is a boy that Neko Majin Z befriends in the wilderness who doesn't appear to ever be named. He spends alot of his time with Neko Majin Z getting involved in his pranks such as conning tourists for photos with a "koala" (actually just Neko Majin Z in a disguise). He can usually be seen carrying around a spear and seems to live alone in the wilderness.

<img src="" border="0" align="right">Kojiro: Kojiro is an old friend of Neko Majin Mike who meets him again after Neko Majin Mike has awoken after a 31year nap. Kojiro is now a teacher but hasn't got much confidence. As such he has trouble getting his class to listen, even though there are only three students. He actually is reasonably strong if only he had the confidence. Kojiro asks Neko Majin Mike to look after his class for an afternoon whilst he goes to challenge a group of merchants who are extorting the village. With Neko Majin Mike's help he defeats them and his students begin to respect Kojiro.

<img src="" border="0" align="left">Kuriza: Kuriza is Frieza's young son and looks just like him except his head is shaped like a chestnut (kuri is the Japanese word for "chestnut"), he can also transform like Frieza. After Neko Majin Z defeat the Saiyan Onio, Onio brings Kuriza to Earth to defeat Neko Majin Z. However they never actually get to fight as Neko Majin Z wastes too many pages and they run out, they swear to fight in the next chapter so in the meantime Neko Majin Z lets them stay at his place. The next chapter Kuriza seems to have given up on the idea of fighting and they lot of them end up playing games instead, seemingly stuck on Earth indefinetly.

<img src="" border="0" align="right">Majin Buu: Majin Buu is introduced when he is skipping in the wilderness and the Boy mistakes him for Neko Majin Z as they look alike. Majin Buu tries to impress him with his strength but is disappointed when he isn't that impressed because Neko Majin Z is strong too. Majin Buu tells the boy to shout for him if he finds Neko Majin Z because he wants to fight him, and sure enough later on he is called. However Majin Buu fights Usa Majin instead, then leaves shortly after because he wasn't strong at all.

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Neko Majin: This is the first Neko Majin we are introduced to, this particular Neko Majin seems to think alot about money. When we first see him he has stolen a bike from two criminals, and offers to sell it back to them. Later on, Neko Majin fights a demon (again for a price) and saves the criminals who are so grateful they pay him more than he originally asked, which he then spends on some Taiyaki.

<img src="" border="0" align="right">Neko Majin Mike: Neko Majin Mike is a calico Neko Majin who awakes after a 31 year nap and meets someone he used to know named Kojiro. He agrees to watch Kojiro's class for the afternoon who usually don't listen to a word he is saying. Transforming into Kojiro, the students don't notice the difference. During the afternoon he decides to take the students outside for a bit when he notices Kojiro fighting with some merchants who have been extorting the town and steps in to help. He manages to defeat the merchants leaving Kojiro (and his students) thinking it was he who did it.

<img src="" border="0" align="left">Neko Majin Z: Neko Majin Z who likes to test his strength against strong people, as well as playing pranks on unsuspecting tourists with a boy he befriended in the wilderness. He can also inexplainably turn into a Super Saiyan and his prized possession is a figure of Goku. He also claims to have a transformation that make him have "double eyelids". Neko Majin Z is very strong, even able to hold his own against Super Saiyan Vegeta and Goku and was at one stage Goku's apprentice.

<img src="" border="0" align="right">Onio: A Saiyan who arrives on Earth with his wife for their honeymoon and meet Neko Majin Z and the boy who trick him with their "photo with a koala"-scam. Onio becomes enraged when whilst being photographed with his wife Neko Majin Z fondles her breasts. Onio tries to fight Neko Majin Z but is defeated, even though he is a Super Saiyan. He later returns, now divorced from his wife, and brings along Kuriza to fight Neko Majin Z, however they run out of pages before they can fight and end up staying with Neko Majin Z for a while, and stuck on Earth seemingly indefinetly.

<img src="" border="0" align="left">Son Goku: Goku makes his appearance searching for his former apprentice, Neko Majin Z, and eventually finds him when he and the boy try to con Goku into getting a photo. Wanting to test Neko Majin Z's strength, the two of them fight, however Goku is able to catch him buy tricking him into chasing a cat tail flower. It's then that Goku says he needs Neko Majin Z's help to defeat an enemy that only he can deal with...

<img src="" border="0" align="right">Usa Majin: Usa Majin (from the Japanese word usagi, meaning "rabbit") is a Majin creature who wants to be the strongest in the world by taking all the Neko Majin's prized possessions and exchanging them back for their "Majin Balls" which give them all their power. He comes across Neko Majin Z, having stolen his prized possession (a Goku figure), and demands his Majin Ball. However, they call Majin Buu who easily beats Usa Majin and Neko Majin Z swear revenge for all the Neko Majins Usa Majin has already stolen from.

<img src="" border="0" align="left">Vegeta: On Frieza's orders, Vegeta is sent to go and rescue Kuriza (and Onio) on Earth. When he arrives Onio explains that the reason they haven't come home is because of Neko Majin Z, and tells him how strong he is. As usual, Vegeta is confident he can beat Neko Majin Z so challenges him. However, once he realises that Neko Majin Z can also turn into a Super Saiyan he gets a phone call to say something urgent has come up and he has to go, although Kuriza and Onio debate how his phone would be able to pick up a signal that far from home. Vegeta then leaves Earth vowing never to star in a gag manga ever again.
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